Do you qualify for a sponsored opportunity to attend a world class climbing symposium and be coached by elite national and international climbers and coaches: including Shauna Coxsey, Udo Neumann, Melissa Le Neve, Leah Crane, Ollie Torr, Louis Parkinson and many more.

Oakwood Climbing Centre is one of the newest and more advanced centres in the UK with over 15 years of history behind it. The ‘Oakwood’ brand has been creating change in the community, providing physical, social and spiritual challenges for those that come through our doors. Oakwood is the proud host for the world’s first ever Youth Climbing Symposium and with less than two months to go, Oakwood has decided to purchase 10 tickets to allocate to those meeting the following criteria: 
1. You should be an enthusiastic, regular and talented climber aged between 9 and 18 years old
2. You must be able to prove a lack of affordability via recommendation from a reputable source
3. Location to Oakwood will be a consideration so that we have the opportunity of further investment in the future such as scholarship places into our squad
4. Any further extenuating circumstances that you might consider may be taken into consideration
If you can genuinely not afford to buy tickets this year and meet the criteria, please contact Oakwood Climbing Centre via
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