Launch of the Oakwood Youth Team

Monday 4th September saw the launch of the new Oakwood Youth Climbing Team!

The Oakwood Youth Team are a group of dedicated young climbers who are focused on performance, competition and improvement.

On Monday 4th September they were joined by Team Performance Coaches, Robin O’Leary and Guy Davenport, in their first session at Oakwood. Coach Guy Davenport said “Oakwood was entering a new era”. Director of Oakwood. Tony Pudner welcomed the team and said he wanted the Oakwood Team “to be the best in the country”.

 Oakwood Youth Team will now be working hard to prepare for the upcoming competition season starting with Blokfest in November.

The Team will be getting their own dedicated on the website soon but you can follow them right now at


There shall be a selection event in the future for aspiring young competition climbers to join the squad. If you have any questions or are a young person with the skills and commitment who wants to get into competitive climbing and are interested in the selection event then please email to be added to the waiting list.