How to book

To help your child find the right course, and to see if climbing with a course structure is right for them, we are running NICAS Intro sessions for ages 7-12 years and 12-17 years.

These sessions are bookable individually (Not termly like normal NICAS) and will include learning elements equally split between Bouldering and Rope Climbing to help your child decide whether they would want to proceed with NICAS Climbing (Roped sessions) or NICAS Bouldering (Bouldering only) sessions


How do I get my child onto a termly course?

When there is availability for your child to progress onto the formal termly NICAS courses and they have had suitable experience in the Intro sessions, we will contact you to see if they want to progress on their NICAS journey. Please note that NICAS Intro Sessions are different to our current NICAS Courses. However, our Coaches will ensure your child will gain experience and enjoy their time on the wall!

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 90minutes long, split evenly between bouldering and roped climbing.

Can I get a log book?

Log books are not required for these sessions, when your child joins the termly course, you will be able to purchase a book.

Are there a maximum number of Intro sessions a child can be booked on to?

Sessions can be booked up to 8 weeks in advance, there is no maximum number you can book into, however we do recommend a max of 4 bookings at one time, to make sure your child is enjoying the sessions.

Can I request to transfer from another centre?

Yes you can! Please email with your child’s current progress and the course you are looking for.

Extra considerations

Support your child by completing an adult course so you can supervise your child in the holidays without booking an instructor!


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