Indoor climbing parties are suitable for complete beginners and for almost any age!

Perfect for adventurous children who love heights!

Indoor parties are for participants turning 5yrs+and can be booked in the following categories:
4-7years, 7-11years, 11years+


1 hour climbing session

£100 for up to 6 participants

£150 for up to 9 participants*

£200 for up to 12 participants**

* Parties for up to 9 will only be available after 21st June

**Parties for up to 12 participants are only available for the 7year+ age groups and are only available after the 21st June

Warm up

Our instructors will use different sections of the climbing centre for appropriate warm up areas depending on the age of the group. This part of the session allows our instructors to build trust with the children and find out what they want to get out of the session!


After the warm up the instructor will then take the children to the roped area and pick suitable sections to give the children a fun and challenging climbing experience.

Once the climbing is finished, you are welcome to use our outdoor seating area when the weather is fine!

Although climbing is indoors, it can still get warm and chilly depending on the outdoor conditions.

Comfortable clothing that allows for full movement.

Sports wear advised.

Hotter weather – shorts and t-shirt are recommended, as well as a light jumper

Colder weather – jumper and long trousers are recommended.

Climbing shoes are given for the session so please bring thin socks!

Outdoor decking seating available

With current COVID guidelines we are asking that parents either drop off their children and come back at the end of the session, or wait on our outdoor decking area. Seating is currently available inside the centre.

Takeaway cafe drinks available

Grab a cold drink or hot drink from our takeaway cafe – located within the climbing centre.

Watching children on their activity

Currently unavailable. Once the cafe reopens, we have seating with windows looking into the centre to allow for viewing.

How to progress after your party