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Oakwood is hosting round 1 of this year’s summer boulder league this June starting on the 20th. It’s a fun bouldering competition open to anyone above the age of 7 to challenge themselves, and try problems that you would never usually give a go!

With competitions like this you can surprise yourself on how many of the problems you achieve. Grades are not placed next to the routes so you don’t automatically dismiss a problem. This means that even if you aren’t aiming for first, it can still be a fun event to go to!

For this league, we will be using TopLogger. TopLogger is an app for your phone which shows all the different climbs on our walls and their respective difficulties. For the event however, the difficulties of the climbs will not be shown. As a participant in the league, you will be able to log your climbs through the app to get an overall score by the end of each round.

Individual routes have a total of 1000 points which are divided by the number of people who successfully climb the route. If you flash a route then you gain 20% bonus points on top of that score.


Rules for climb submissions:

To start a route, both hands and feet must be on the marked holds in control. To finish, you must be able to match the top hold controlled for 3 seconds.

Only tick ‘flash’ if you have climbed the route on your first attempt.



Male Over 18s

Female Over 18s

Male Under 18s

Female Under 18s


Prizes and Scoring:

Every point you earn is an additional ticket into our raffle for that round across all categories

Raffle prizes for each round include free drinks (hot and cold), free snacks, one 3 month pass, one 2 month pass and one 1 month pass!!

The top 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall (Best 3 out of 4 rounds) in all the categories will receive Oakwood merchandise!


All you need to do to partake in the event is turn up during the event dates and log your climbs!