Climbing Wall Award (CWA)

If you are interested in a career as a climbing instructor, then the CWA training is the first step in this process.

The CWA is a nationally recognised award. This qualification is ideal if you wish to work at a climbing wall, whether permanent or mobile.

There are three stages to the CWA qualification.

Firstly, completing the training itself. This is a two day course, and you must meet the prerequisites found on the MTA website   to be accepted onto the training.

Secondly, consolidating. You will need to head to at least 3 different centres to shadow and assist sessions.

Thirdly, the CWA assessment. This is to assess whether you are at a level to take groups independently.

We are holding CWA training on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of July. You can apply for this via

There will also be a CWA assessment run on the evening of Tuesday the 18th July. You can apply for this via



Climbing Wall Lead Award (CWLA)

The CWLA is for those who have completed their CWA or SPA (Single Pitch Award) and are looking at progressing in their climbing instructor career. Prerequisites can be found here for this course.

There are the three stages to the CWLA qualification. Training, consolidation and assessment.

We are holding CWLA training on Monday 17th July. You can apply for this via