Changes coming to Oakwood on Monday 28th September

As we all face further restrictions both personally and professionally, we have been considering how we can continue to provide climbing at Oakwood as this pandemic continues. As there is no guidance in place for climbing centres specifically right now, we continue to work hard to provide the safest environment possible for our climbing community to continue doing what we love, climbing. With that in mind, we are making some changes based on the latest COVID guidance from the government and for the coming colder seasons ahead.

  1. We are bringing back pre bookings at peak times. We have had an increasing amount of people queuing at peak times, and we feel that the total number in the buildings needs to be further reduced. Bringing back bookable slots means that your journey to Oakwood will not be wasted or spent in a queue.
  2. Masks are now required in the premises at all times unless on the climbing wall. With face coverings now becoming the norm in most indoor public settings we can’t separate ourselves from this measure. This will help us all look after each other in the building and applies to staff, climbers and visitors. Masks are required both on and off the mats but not required when physically doing a climb. The usual exemptions specified by the government apply.
  3. Capacity limits reduced further. Although we had already set our capacity limits lower than the governments recommendations, we feel the need to further reduce it to ensure our climbing community get the most from the time spent at Oakwood in the best environment possible. This is a very difficult decision for us to be making as it squeezes us financially, however we believe it is the right step to be making and puts our climbing community first. There will be a maximum of 60 places overall for off peak times and 50 places for bouldering and 10 on the roped area during peak times. These will be divided for pass holders and day users and instructor led session are on top of this number.
  4. Opening hours extended, 10am is back. In order to facilitate further capacity restrictions, we have extended our opening hours to allow earlier climbing. We are looking at further extending beyond our usual hours in the future.
  5. Weekday hours remain at capacity management with no pre booking needed. During off peak times the capacity is set to 60 people. The building will be cleared at 15.30 to allow our team to clean the building to get ready for the bookable peak slots.

We continue to operate one of the most COVID secure climbing facilities in the UK and we are constantly focused on providing the right environment for our community at Oakwood, BUT we still need you to do your bit and keep this community climbing. Together we can continue to keep Oakwood open for as long as possible, and safely.