Charity Summer Fun Day

Raising money for Play Kenya

We shall be running a summer fun day on behalf of Play Kenya to raise money for a new borehole in Nakuru to help provide clean water for a village.

You will be able to book online for a have a go session on our High Ropes Course, Leap of Faith, or Crate Stacking!

All proceeds on the day shall be going to the charity.

About Play Kenya

Play Kenya is a UK registered charity (Registration no. 1136902) that was set up to support vulnerable and traumatised children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their families. Over the years, it has developed and now parents our Australian Organisation Rafiki Mwema.

Play Kenya supports the local and National communities and have been responsible for introducing the very first video link system into the courts for vulnerable witnesses.

Our program is embedded in understanding Developmental Trauma and Attachment Theory and is based on the work of Dr Daniel Hughes Dyadic Developmental Parenting model, where we create connections to develop relationships.

What I want to do is to change the underpinning belief in Kenya, and beyond, that somehow children are emotionally unaffected by the huge life changes adults inflict on them.

I fell in love with Kenya on my very first visit and it changed my life, but not always in a good way. I saw and experienced first hand some loving parenting and some horrific parenting, both in families and organisations.

In the UK I work with children and families with trauma and one of the groups I most enjoy working with are teenagers – often those who the world seems to have given up on. I had never experienced a world truly giving up on children until I met the boys and girls who lived ‘in town’.

I had never seen so many empty and emotionally dead children scraping to live another day. The violence that was experienced from within the street community and from the officials who should have been protecting them, is embedded in my heart forever. To stand talking to a beautiful young man, aged about 12 or 13 and have a escare (guard) come and HORSE WHIP him in front of you, because this was a tourist area and the boys were like street rats, to be driven out, gave me the push to work with these boys. And I am so glad I did. My life is richer and theirs is safer too. Connection drives relationships.

I have been honoured and disgusted to be allowed to work with some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. I have laughed and cried in equal measures. I have seen children being brought to courts to stand 3 feet away from a man who has physically or sexually abused them – and to be questioned directly by them; I have seen judges shout at these same children for wetting themselves through fear; I have seen families support other relatives at the death of a mother and pay no attention to the children- Kenyan has the 4th highest rate of AIDS in the world, and that shows in their orphanages; I know children who are left at orphanages for 6 years only to be ‘collected’ by their families when they are big enough to do work and be useful, leaving everything behind to go off with strangers – often these children are later returned beaten and abused; I want schools to understand that a child cannot learn when they are consumed by fear of violence in the home – and so much more.

Our girls are all with us because they have been used and abused sexually by both men and women, some for many years. They were vilified in their communities because they were ‘unclean’ and brought disgrace to their families. Some of these are baby girls, barely old enough to walk.

I want everyone to play their part in emotionally supporting these children and families and we have started educating and changing lives.

I want a safe place where children who are victims of abuse and neglect can come, be therapeutically supported and given a safe home for life, away from institutions where often children and staff continue the cycle of abuse to each other

I have picked up the work of Dr. Daniel Hughes and embedded it into the communities we work. We have staff who therapeutically parent our children and have made huge changes in how they parent their birth families.

I’m hoping we can enable local staff to keep the ethos of Play Kenya for generations to come.

Changing lives one word at a time

I’m prepared to work for the rest of my life to make this happen.

With Love

We opened our first rented girls house ( Rafiki Mwema) in December 2011 which help 18 girls.

We then opened our first boys house called Rafiki Familia housing initially 12 boys.

In 2015 we were extremely fortunate to have been bought a 14-acre farm for us by a wonderful couple the Doyle’s, who had been following our work for several years.

The farm was named Doyle farm in their honour.

The farm already had one house and we promptly moved our small girls into the house.

Through another wonderful person, Constance Hall donating funds directly and her amazing followers raising funds we have been very fortunate to be able to build two further houses on the farm Queens castle which opened in 2016 and Kings Castle which we opened this week.

This now means we have all 68 children now housed on the farm.

We have also began farming 5 acres of the Doyle farm with two large greenhouses to grow our food and hopefully create a surplus that we can sell on to reduce our monthly costs.

We now feed over 110 people children and staff per day.

When we bought the farm we were very fortunate to find that it had a bore hole. However, that was only large enough to supply the needs of the main 4 bedroom house plus some small irrigation.

We are now is desperate need to drill a bigger and deeper borehole to supply the water for our children and farm production.

With this in mind we have had a company come to access our water requirements and currently our bore hole can deliver 5000litres per day.

They carried out a survey of our requirements and determined we need a further borehole of 22000 litres per day

Anne-Marie Tipper (founder) ~ Play Kenya 68 Lupin Ride, Crowthorne RG456UR, United Kingdom

UK No. 07 5909 99088 Kenya No. +254 72 4572 973

Play Kenya Charitable Number 1136902

At Oakwood we really want to help get behind and support this charity. This is why we are running an event where all proceeds go to charity. If you do not wish to participate in the outdoor activities but would still like to support they charity, you can donate money on the day, or contact Play Kenya.

When booking slots are released they will be bookable under ‘specialised sessions’